Boys and Girls Club

Bible-Saturated Readers

Each week UHF participates in a reading rotation at the Boys and Girls Club library. We typically read for thirty minutes to an elementary-age audience that is primarily ages six to seven. Our book selection ranges from classic Christian books, like the Lamplighter Series or Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, to the interactive parables taught by our Lord Jesus Christ in the gospels. Our aim is to enter into discussion with the neighborhood children around these God-centered themes, so that they might have a face to face encounter with the Living God through Jesus Christ.

Bible-Related Art Projects

One afternoon a week, UHF serves children for their joy in God by presenting Bible texts that uniquely correspond to the art project for that week. UHF has even drawn upon outside relationships from other protestant evangelical churches to create gospel alliance in the spread of God’s fame through this effort.

Relational Recreation

The Boys and Girls Club furnishes pool tables, ping-pong tables, foosball tables and air hockey. Their multi-purpose room and youth room provide opportunities for viewing approved videos and playing approved video games. At designated times, the library staff also welcomes UHF participation in a wide range of board games. All UHF participants and affirmed partners, who have undergone a background check, enjoy access to interact freely with these neighborhood children, on “their turf”, for the purpose of demonstrating God’s love through Christ-exalting responses in thought, countenance, word and deed.

Formal Physical Recreation

UHF participates each week in organizing physical activities for the children in the Boys and Girls Club gymnasium. We delight to serve the staff and children of the Boys and Girls Club, through these activities, for a directed and structured release of physical energy and for the glad-hearted moments of speaking and praying gospel blessing over their lives.

Organized Sports

UHF has enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, coaching opportunities in organized sports at the Boys and Girls Club. These opportunities have included baseball, basketball, and flag-football. At UHF, we believe sports teams create marvelous opportunities for life-lessons in conflict resolution, winning well, losing well and interpersonal skills. The nature of coaching creates rare opportunities for authentic relationships that are built through modeling and teaching the God-centered message of biblical wisdom.

Donuts and Doctrine

Once a week, UHF brings brief, uncensored reflections from the Scriptures to alternative students in the North Little Rock School District, who spend their recreational breaks at the Boys and Girls Club. This ministry leads with Bible and prayer and then moves toward informal interaction around the pool table or basketball court. This attempt seeks to make Christ attractive through regular deposits of genuine interest in the lives of these students.

Harvest Kids

Harvest Kids is a UHF arm of intentional outreach to neighborhood children on Sunday mornings prior to our worship service. It is a strategic attempt to mobilize some of our most qualified, earnest adults into the lives of neighborhood children through prayer, Bible-saturated worship and teaching, small group interaction, and crafts. Harvest Kids makes use of the Children’s Desiring God curriculum. The adults arrive ten minutes before the scheduled class hour to pray for and with each other. The lessons are designed to bring big truths down to the child, without “dumbing down” those big truths. The intent of this class is to put children in touch with God through Word-soaked discussions, which draw out the heart of the child in desperate need of Christ.