Local Outreach

To The Community

NLR Crisis Pregnancy Center

UHF has established a presence at the local Crisis Pregnancy Center here in North Little Rock, operated by Scott and Kathie Archer. The CPC welcomes UHF to serve expecting mothers in areas of counseling and mentoring. After completing CPC training, each volunteer enjoys the privilege of “gospelizing” expecting, unwed mothers and/or couples through Bible Study and discipleship. UHF and the CPC share the hope that some graduates of the program would pursue their ultimate joy in God at UHF.

Lakewood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

UHF has an established presence at the Lakewood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center through weekly mid-morning worship services. The facility administration has welcomed UHF individuals or families to bring the hope-giving influence of Jesus Christ and His gospel to those residents who receive little or no visits. Gospel joy can be extended to these nursing home residents through the smiling faces of children, cheerful songs of praise, devotional thoughts from Scripture and heartfelt pleas for grace.Lakewood

Chance Sobriety
(Drug and Alcohol Rehab)

Chance Sobriety is a residence for substance abusers. Every Saturday evening, seven different UHF households participate in a rotation that aims at seeing the word of the Lord run and be glorified there. The Saturday evening slot that UHF fills consists of uncensored gospel proclamation, healthy dialogue and child-like prayer. This initiative aims at souls being transformed by the gospel and then enfolded into the life and fellowship of UHF.